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Programs for the Classroom

Budget Basics/College and $$$/Student Loans/Credit Cards and Credit Scores/Savings and Allowance/Personalized Programs


For over 25 years, Money Management Counselors has been a leader in financial education in our schools.  Each year we teach basic budgeting and financial college prep in over 7 school districts locally. We custom tailor programs to specific classroom topics on financial issues to prepare our youth for financial success.  Feel free to access our existing programs for your classroom or contact us if you want a program designed for your specific needs.  

Female Student

College & $$$

Understanding Credit Cards and your Credit Score

The language of Student Loans demystified

More than one way to Slice a Pizza - Budget Basics

"There are many small things that you need to put money aside for,"  Jo - Student.

"I learned that there are a lot of things that you need to budget for other than the common expenses."  Jarod - Student

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