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Couples Finances



Where does one begin on the subject of Couples and Finances.  Often the hot potato of many a relationship, it doesn't really have to be.  We can safely say the more conversations you can have on the subject of finances, the greater your chances of having fewer financial conflicts now and in the future.  One simple test we often do in our counseling sessions is talk about the 6 and 9 effects in communications. 


In essence, I'll write the figure of a 9 or 6 on a piece of paper and put it on the desk between a couple. With each person on either side of the piece of paper, I will ask them what they see. One will say 9, and the other will say 6; who is right?

Both sides are right because it depends on where they are sitting. How you see things matters, and where you are coming from matters. Even though we may differ,  we are all entitled to our opinions. Flipping the paper around, allowing couples to change sides – the 9’s become the 6’s – so they can experience life from the other side.

The exercise's objective is to highlight the fact that the other side’s perspective needs to be heard and listened to as their life experience and culture may differ from our own.

These life experiences and cultural differences very often are at the root of the financial conflict we see.  At Money Management Counselors, we understand, "it's more than just about the money..." 


What can we help you with today? 

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