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Spending Plan/Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling/Post-Bankruptcy Counseling/Life After


Since 2005, bankruptcy laws MANDATE that people receive:

  • A minimum of 90 min. pre-filing counseling session* from an approved non-profit credit counseling agency to make sure that bankruptcy really IS your only option BEFORE an attorney can file

  • Complete a two-hour Pre-Discharge education course on personal money management for success after bankruptcy from an approved provider.


We are approved by the Executive Office for the US Board of Trustees (EOUST) to provide both of these requirements.


Pre-filing counseling* MUST occur within 6 months from the date of filing. The certificate you receive as a result of completing the counseling expires 6 months from the issued date. If your bankruptcy is not filed by the certificate expiration date, you must receive the 90 min counseling again and pay for the certificate again.


The Pre-counseling fee for individuals or couples is $50, and the Post Discharge counseling fee for individuals or couples is $25. Counseling provided face-to-face*. Payments are accepted in the form of cash, money order, or check.

The counseling fee may be waived or reduced if you are unable to pay. Ability to pay will be based on 150% of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines.


Please download our Income Verification Form and send the completed form to MMC by mail or email or drop it off at the office.

*Services currently via Virtual Conference and by phone.

Money Management Counselors takes pride in offering the required bankruptcy course work and being an advocate for your financial health long after your case is over. Our counselors make sure you are set up for success by developing a working spending plan that you can manage during your post-bankruptcy life.  We work on long term goal setting, understanding your relationship with money, and helping you with our communities' resources to achieve those goals.  Our services are here as long as you need us.  We will still be standing beside you long after your bankruptcy is complete if you so desire. 

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