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How to be a Sponsor/Donor

Our staff is our product, so your dollars support our time with clients and the resources we need to facilitate our sessions. Your donations make it possible to do our job. We have never wavered from our holistic one-on-one approach of understanding "it isn't just about the money" as we meet through a monitor or phone during this pandemic.

We continued to explore the financial, relationship-related, and emotional aspects of money with each client. And though we could not hold out a Kleenex when needed or give an actual hug, we could speak empathetically and clearly understand the emotional toll our clients are experiencing virtually.


Your support is critical for us to continue to meet the challenges before us in 2021. We cannot do it alone without the support of you, our community. Thank you in advance for your continued support!

What your contribution can support and where you can ask for your dollars to go...

$25.00 covers

  • Pays for mailed materials and phone cost to counsel one client over the phone who does not have computer access

  • pays for the one-time counseling fee for a client

  • It covers the cost for a person to PARTICIPATE in a one hour a financial wellness workshop

  • Covers the overhead cost of an on-line consultation

$250.00 covers

  • Pays for material adaptation to video for an instructional program

  • Pays for program and security measures to develop online services

  • Pays for a day of High School Financial Literacy PROGRAMMING

  • A portion of a Community Speaking Engagement

  • It covers the cost for a person to par5icipate in  a full day financial wellness workshop

  • Newsletters, marketing, website maintance

$125.00 covers

  • Sponsorship for Money Mindset Makeover Workshop

$2500.00 covers

  • Supports operating cost to conduct one on one COUNSELING services in our community

  • It covers the majority of the cost for a 4 to 6-week on-line workshop

  • Covers re-certifications  for counseling services and extended services

  • Supports future PROGRAMMING expansions and adaptation in the schools

  • Supports our mobile office cost and safety measures

  • Major Sponsorship for Annual Event

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