Financial Planning for Teens

Allowance/First Jobs/First Big Purchases - Phones, Cars, Etc.

Money Management Counselors work with families and teens individually or as a group to work on budget planning for life during and after High School.  Following basic financial principles, we gear our one-on-one sessions to teen-relatable expenses, helping prepare them for the financial road ahead.

"There are many small things you need to put money aside for."  

Algoma- Student

"budgeting sometimes require great sacrifice and you need to be ready to make those sacrifices"  

Junior Student

6th Annual Financial Wellness Conference Jan 2016/
Programming for Juniors and Seniors in Highschool

TEENSFinancial Wellness Conference Jan 2016
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TEENS - Allowance/First Paycheck2016 - Gay Pustaver
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Teaching Kids About Investing2016 - Gay Pustaver
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MMMR Back to School 2016 - Gay Pustaver
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