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Social Security and Finance for Seniors - What to Consider Before Retirement

Budget Plan Living on Social Security/What Age to Retire?/Navigating Scams and Personal Identity Theft/Going Back to Work/Helping the Family/Community Supports


Retirement today seems so much more complex.  Not only do we need to reconsider the age we retire, but many newer generations do not have pension or 401k supports.  For those living on Social Security only, budgeting can be a real challenge. Add credit card debt or medical debt, and finances can be overwhelming.  We are here to help answer questions and redevelop long-term goals and budget plans.

Cheerful Seniors

Living on Social Security

Retirement Age - What's a good time?

Credit Card and/or Medical Debt - On a fixed income, what can I do?

Navigating Scams and Personal identity Theft

Senior & Money Newsletter

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants."

                                                          -- Epictetus.

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