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Debt Management Plan (DMP)/Debt Reduction Program/Payday Loan Assitance

Money Management Counselors (MMC) is uniquely positioned to be affiliated with Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp (DMCC) as a licensed branch office to service Debt Management Plans (DMP), Debt Reduction Programs, and Payday Loan Assistance.  This affiliation allows us to pair local counseling services and support access to the most up-to-date debt management technology.  Our clients have direct access to their DMP accounts with DMCC, the ability to make any payment changes, and know they have a local agency to serve them directly.  

Our counselors live in our client's communities, so we have first-hand knowledge of additional local resources available to our clients as we address clients' financial health.  We also understand the cost of living directly in our area when assisting clients with developing a budget.  

Consumers in the U.S. opened 12 million new credit card accounts since 2019, according to Experian data. And while this is less than the 21 million accounts added in 2019, it's still significant given larger economic conditions. - according to Experian Nov, 2020

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