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Money Management Counselors is a community organization that helps families and individuals improve the quality of their lives by teaching financial literacy and providing tools to promote sound financial principles.


All services are Confidential and Non-Judgmental. 


FISC Consumer Credit Counseling of Door County, Inc. DBA Money Management Counselors is a 501(c)(3)Not-for-Profit Organization

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Our credit counseling service goal is to help you gain control of your financial situation.

As a local non-profit debt and credit counseling organization, we are unique in focusing on the circumstances each person brings to the table. We are committed to educating consumers on financial issues and providing personal assistance to each consumer who has become overextended with providing personal assistance to help each consumer make the best use of his/her financial resources.

Our certified credit counselors provide personal support through budget counseling and determine what resources can best serve each individual's situation. Programs like Debt Management Plans to lower credit card interest rates, and monthly payments are just one example of a possible debt relieving viable option.

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Through our many workshops and educational programs, we uncover our money mindsets. We understand, "it's more than JUST about the money" and focus on understanding how our relationship with money is linked with our lifestyles and beliefs. Thus allowing individuals to rewrite those narratives and reach the financial health they seek.


Our school programs are geared toward preparing students for life after high school, whether that be a path into additional education, apprenticeships, or the workforce.  We assist students and their parents with Student Loans and setting up budgets aimed at self-sufficiency and long term credit success.

Our online youth program "Running Play on Becoming MoneyWise" is a self-driven program teaching students everything about money.

Is your child struggling with 

  • Needs vs. Wants? 
  • What Money actually is?
  • What is a Savings Account? 


Through vocabulary, math problems,  informational videos, crafts, book suggestions, and so much more, children will understand Ways to Pay, What Real Costs Are, Saving Money, to even What Money Is.




The first steps are always the hardest. The fact you are reading this page is a testament to your desire to improve your relationship with your finances—Pat yourself on the back. 


Suppose you're in a quandary as to whether or not this is for you.  You are welcome to try our Free 30-minute Consultation and read through our materials and newsletters.


We explain to all clients that everyone is unique, as are the issues surrounding their financial health. It is important that you know we are a confidential, non-judgemental resource for you as long as you need us. 

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Our Annual Newsletter

Is out now

A year in review and our movements forward for 2023.  Join us.

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The way you explained it was thorough but simple. I liked that you gave examples: it will help to know how to apply the new knowledge.


Door County, WI 



Leslie has helped us feel that money isn't so scary and helped us see the big picture and get a handle on understanding our spending habits."


Egg Harbor, WI



You are like a Money Whisperer.


Sister Bay, WI



...I now have money in my account and am saving some now. I feel a lot better about myself after being counseled by you and teaching me ways to be financially responsible.


Sturgeon Bay, WI



 I learned that there are a lot of things that you need to budget for other than the common expenses.

Student, Algoma, WI



 I learned that I have to put my main expenses over my dispensable needs and when it comes to managing a monthly budget, though having a roomie makes things a lot easier.

Student, Southern Door, WI


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