How do we manage the financial "fallout" that results from all kinds of life transitions?

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

When we, at Money Management Counselors powered by FISC CCCS, have posted about this hot topic on our Facebook page, it gets the most hits and interest. Probably because so many of us are impacted by both inevitable life transitions and changes as well as those changes that broadside us unexpectedly. When you think about it, there is financial fallout to all of these transitions, even the more positive or exciting life changes. Some, we can plan for financially and some we cannot always plan for. Plus, we all have different resources, support, abilities, levels of resilience, coping mechanisms, financial literacy and income and on and on. I want to start the conversation about how each of YOU have found ways to manage the financial ramifications of transitions: marriage, divorce, parenthood, job loss, moving your residence, caring for aging parents, caring for grandchildren, adult kids saddled with student loan debt and moving back home, changing careers, the death of a spouse or partner, starting a business, bankruptcy, purchasing a home... let's just stop there!

Join me to continue the conversation sharing your ideas, questions and lessons learned by becoming a member of this BLOG. I will also interject my tips, ideas and resources based on your conversations with each other. Gay Pustaver, Director

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