Finance$ With A Female Focu$ Newsletter #8

 How to stop your emotions from clouding your financial judgement, What kind of financial personality are you? Financial sage or spendthrift? Our quiz will reveal your style with money , Great Apps that helps parents teach money management to their kids, A Great Book for women-which will help you learn how to financially navigate thru a divorce, a great article on How to spend less, save more, and clean up your (financial) act, and many more great tips for women to take control of their money.

Greetings to some awesome women!

Welcome to “Finances with a Female Focus”

Newsletter #8

Wow!  Where is summer going? This question is similar to what some of my clients say: “Where is my money going??”

Plus, the holidays are coming in less than 6 months. Yes, I know – summer and holidays??? I just did a Money Management Mondays radio show with Nick Freimuth on July 23 about holiday planning starting now.

Sorry!! LOL (you can find the recording of this show on our website).

So, in this newsletter we are focusing on all KINDS of ways to gain control of your finances – no matter what your age or income level.  Find a goal that works for you; that motivates and inspires you to reach it.  Maybe it’s better holiday planning, maybe it’s saving for a vacation or to be able to attend a family member’s wedding.  Maybe it’s just tracking your spending so you KNOW where your money goes.  We have a lot of fun and simple articles, apps and book suggestions to help get you jump-started.  There’s even info about helping your kids learn to manage money.  And, because it is such an important financial time, we have some tips about navigating finances during divorce.  Like I always say, it’s more like “til debt do we part”.  Please review this article if you are going through a divorce. 

And remember, call us to set an appointment if you’d like 1-1 confidential, non-judgmental assistance moving through any financial transition. 

The choices are always yours to make!

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