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With spring (??) around the corner – one can hope! – I want to talk about and offer resources to you about renting a residence vs. purchasing one.  With only a 3% rental vacancy rate in Door County, finding an affordable, well-maintained rental unit can be a daunting task.  So, some people inevitably think “why don’t I purchase a home?” In addition, many of my women clients meet with me to discuss whether they can afford to buy out their ex-spouse when divorcing, purchase a home alone, etc.  AND, the local 4-5 homebuyer programs (that provide grant and low-interest loan dollars to eligible people) require that people meet with me for 1-1, confidential homebuyer budget and credit counseling and education.  See the brochure link below. 

As a certified Housing Counselor through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), I work with many people each year who want to purchase a home, but also want to make sure that the “American Dream” does not turn into the” American Nightmare”.  There are plusses and minuses for owning vs. renting and your financial comfort level with becoming a homeowner is the most important piece.  I tell people that the financial and legal responsibilities of being a homeowner rival those of being a parent, in many ways.  Making a truly educated and informed decision about homeownership is key to being a successful and confident homeowner into the future.  Please use this

E-NEWSLETTER and its resources to help you make an informed decision, whether now or in the future. 


Door County Economic Development Corporation

Homebuyer Assistance Information

By Paige Funkhouser DCEDC Economic Development Manager

"DCEDC, in partnership with a number of other organizations, recently released a new home buyer assistance video, designed to highlight and promote locally available programs that can provide down payment and/or rehabilitation financial assistance for income-eligible households in Door County. DCEDC has maintained a Workforce Housing Committee for many years to address issues related to affordable worker housing in Door County." "The home buyer assistance programs that are highlighted in the video are under-utilized in our area due to the difficulty of getting the information to those who might potentially be eligible. Studies also show that Millennials are a particular target group for home buyer assistance programs"

"The DCEDC Workforce Housing Committee, recognizing that many potential home buyers were not aware of the many locally available housing assistance programs, have a home buyer assistance brochure 2018 to consolidate home buyer assistance information into one source"-Excerpts from DCEDC Website by Paige Funkhouser

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